I slept with my best friends boyfriend, should i tell her to leave him?

Hi guys,
We bring you another damsel in distress, she needs your advice please

Please somebody help me with this situation I got my stupid self into.

I slept with my bestfriend’s boyfriend when she travelled out.
We met in the club, I was really drunk and he offered to take me home and had his friend drive my car to his house. When I was leaving the club my flat mate wasn’t anywhere to be found so I had to go to his house, on getting there, I took a shower and he made me indomie, I wasn’t so drunk again but a bit tipsy…

Long story short we had sex. I felt so terrible the following day that I begged him to act like it never happened and forget it. We both agreed, after my friend came back from her trip, I felt so guilty I wanted to tell her but because I didn’t want to spoil anything for her, I decided to distance myself from her, she had no idea why, I told her I was going through depression and she believed and always called me to check on me.

Now it’s been almost 4months since the incident and my friend has travelled again, I recieved a phone call two days ago from her boyfriend saying he misses me and wants to sleep with me that he is happy I am no longer very close with his girlfriend so I don’t need to feel guilty, I dropped the phone on him but he kept calling me back but I didn’t answer.

Today I had a lengthy conversation with my friend and she was crying that she doesn’t know why he hasn’t proposed yet.

Should I tell her I slept with him? Should I tell her not to expect a ring from him? Should I tell her to leave him? I am so confused, somebody please advice me, don’t judge me please, we are all humans and we make mistakes, I am not proud of what I did but I still love my friend and I know this boy is just wasting her time and will never propose.

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