Anonymus Yahoo boy Puts Nigerian Girls To The Gun

Like I always do, I go round various blogs with high traffic and bring the scoop back here. This time my sourjourn through the blogosphere took me to NAIJA GISTS LIVE where a yahoo boy put our ladies on full blast. Read his comment below, enjoy

Hi Ladies, What do you want exactly??? NOT HERE TO BASH ANYONE> First time commenter.

You ask for “tea” on dudes… You get: He is broke, he is married, he got STD, he is a wash, he is a Yahoo boy, he is stingy, he is a liar.

So you want to meet a rich dude between 28 – 36 that has lots of money legally and has eyes for you and you only and he’s spending lavishly on you?… think about it.

I am a Yahoo Boy; yes I am. What I do is VERY VERY wrong and I wouldn’t start typing shit to justify my actions and blah blah about what is not. But you ladies are not helping issues either… if you are a single beautiful woman anywhere in the world, of the thousands of guys on your case am sure you would know a few or at least one that is humble and will even die for you if given the chance but he doesn’t meet to your baller spec.

Check it out, all the pics of dudes that are on here are pics of people in London/ Dubai/ Malaysia/ America/ V.I/ Ikoyi/ Lekki … no one comes here to ask about tea about a hardworking good looking boy living in Agege working for MTN and earning 250K a month, it’s usually the ones with the attractive last names and pop-star lifestyle. Ask any young man with more money than people of his age; the plan is to work hard, get expensive shit, meet good people, fuck good pussy. No one is working hard to just randomly meet on girl and settle down just like that without some activities before marriage…. think about it.

It’s obvious you like fancy shit and we try and give it to you and several other ladies. Take for example; I live in Lekki and barb my hair for 3k there but I have gotten ladies weaves of hundred’s of thousands and have spent millions on weaves at M**e’s Mane and am their best male customer (not an advert), Lol.

What am saying is you want a man that can provide for you and do this and do that at an early stage in life but yet want it all to be legal.. how???? Small secret: even if the job looks legal he must be doing under G runs to be living that standard at that age…. think about it.

About the STD: boys don’t pick it on the floor or buy it in stores, lol, it’s beautiful ladies like yourselves that have unprotected sex with men cause you give each other the impression that you are both seeing each-other only and the money got you confused and asides that you like the warm cum inside you, Lol. They say “he’s a whore for Africa” but sometimes we don’t even look for girls, some just bring it to our beds.
Let me give you an example: Some models came to my chill in my house in February after a job and said how they went for a job and they will not pay them till next week blah blah blah when they were leaving, I gave the one I was “involved” with 150K in an envelope for her and her friends and the next day she thanked me and told me that she gave the other 2 my number just to place a courtesy call to me and thank me (which they later did), fast forward few weeks later…… one of the other girls called and said she just passed my house and just wanted to say thanks again.. long story short: we had sex in due time not minding that her colleagues are having stuffs with me even if we aren’t dating.
So not every time boys chase after you ladies… sometimes you bring it to us…….. think about it.

Conclusion: Find a normal regular dude that got a degree and has plans, stay with me. Sign an agreement with him on paper and spiritually (“juju”) and you people should build a dynasty together so if he fucks up (which I doubt he would), you can take his shit and the juju might even hurt him.

But if you want ready made men; whatever you see, you just have to deal with it. If you want 30 year old men like myself that can fly you to Dubai and next month you see me with your friend’s cousin; whatever you see, you just have to deal with it. Don’t complain cause you don’t want Kunle that works for First bank that is a fine boy and still lives at his mom’s, rather you want niggas flying business and wearing gucci underwears……….. think about it.

Not going to insult anyone… I love you all. We only have each other. Admin, I can’t say you are doing a good work cause this shit ruin people’s life, lol but I can say you write well and the site is UNIQUE, it’s obvious you are England educated (am thinking Leeds) and you go to the states sometimes. For ladies that come on here to insult people, expose their friends and have sleepless nights for other people’s issues am sure you have reasons for what you do, lol.

In all…. take a chill pill – this is all entertainment.

I am 5ft 10″ and at sip every other Friday night always with a white shirt on, a rolex on my left hand and a champagne glass on that same hand… I never drop the champagne glass all night so you always get to see the rolex *wink*. Come say hello with the cheek kiss, you just never know, lol………….. think about it.

Moral of my epistle:
1. Yahoo is VERY VERY Bad….. but it is what it is.
2. Have protected sex all the time.
3. whatever you see, you just have to deal with it.

Wow! You just got served! If you’re thinking of breaking up with educated and promising boyfriend coz he hasn’t climbed the ladder after two years, think againHe might justblow’ when u leave him.

To think of it, are you sure you ain’t the one using his investment to make hair, buy bags etc.? Well, me thinks y’all should chill on those stuffs a bit. If you have money invest in your boyfriend and show him moral support.

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