CETVNG JOBS: Press Release

Casual Entertainment Tv is looking to expand across Nigeria. Though relatively new, we are looking to register over 80 representatives of the media house across Nigeria.

Cetvng is opening up vacancies for student volunteers to act as our representatives in different states and Higher institutions. This Volunteer scheme has a paid package attached to it for successful applicants.

Over the following weeks, we will be accepting application from individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the media and Entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond.

Interested Individuals must be Students and must not be above the age of 25 years. They must be active on social media and should have good people relation skills, goal oriented and determined people.

Speaking on the reason why students are the only ones allowed to apply, our Director of operations Mr. Eniola Oreoluwa stated that “in developed countries, students have the opportunity to study and work, hence we are trying to create the same platform in Nigeria”. He also said that there is a need to actively engage students in creative activities that would lead to national development.

“If we employ 80 students as representatives, as at the time they will be graduating from school there will be no need for them to look for jobs because they will be fully taken in by the system. Those who no longer wish to continue with us will already have the needed experience being asked by the Labour market, thus making it easier to get jobs. He added.

We wish all intending applicants the best.

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