Top 10 Sexiest New School Nigerian female singers

Our Music has developed over the years since the foray of 2face Idibia into the international Scene with his widely accepted hit single ‘African Queen’. 
A lot of Artistes have come and gone, some have remained and a lot has happened over the years. Celebrity beefs, baby mama’s and all that. 
Today the females are taking the industry by storm, and permit me to say they not only have good voices, the have beautiful and sexy bodies to go with it. Tiwa Savage just bagged an international management deal with JayZ’s rock nation and has been doing fine since then.
This Article will be looking at the Nigerian Female Singers with the Sexiest Bodies. This is my opinion (Adebusoye Ademola) you can add your views in the comment box.
10. Simi: 
Some of you might not agree that the Jamb Question crooner can be sexy, the truth is yes she’s sexy. I’ve seen her when she was a ‘good girl’ now she’s just like Riri (Good Girl Gone Bad). I must tell you that the ‘Tiff’ singer can steal your man with her sexy hot body. Apart from being sexy, she also has a good and unique voice to go with. She sings, produces and she is Sexy! What a talent.

9. Aramide:
Agree with me or not, Ararmide has keyed down the no 9 spot on this chart. Even though she’s married i still find her very sexy, she doesn’t bare her body, but my eyes see beyond the clothes. I’m yet to see her Bikini Body, but she has a way of leaving the rest to imagination. Aramide, if you are reading this please bless me with a picture of you in Bikini (Send it to lets be the first to upload it online. #Smiles.

8. Chidinma:
I just like her petite stature. So lets just leave her at number 8. We all knows she also has a very good voice.

7. Toby Grey:
Beautiful, beautiful singer! When she did the cover to ‘Woju’ by Kiss Daniel which she titled ‘Gboju’ i thought she would just be a one hit wonder. Now, shes number 7 on my Sexy list, I cannot believe it but its real. Toby Grey, I’m in a haste to see your bikini body too… LOLZ! By the way I’m loving your song ‘You and I’, and I’m secretly hoping that one day You and I will be together! #Gboju

6: Toni Tones: 
I have nothing to say than ‘She is Just So Sexy’. She’ll soon become your favourite if what im listening to is anything to go by.

5. Cynthia Morgan:
I’m not really a fan of her kind of music but that doesn’t mean i dont consider her as being Sexy. The only thing i dont like is that Nose Ring, i personally think She should get rid of it. Cynthia is number 5 on my Sexy List. Nice Body!
4. Niniola: 
The ‘Ibadi’ singer got me ‘hard’. Shes sexy and she knows it. Though she might want to tone down a bit on her body. A very nice singer she is too.
3. Tipsy:
A young and versatile rap artiste, she has a banging body. She is the perfect definition for ‘Slim is Sexy’. You will Agree with me that from the picture below you’ll find yourself drooling over this ‘beautifully sexy’ rapper! She is just too banging. My perfect taste in a woman, slim, sensible, good sense of humor, jovial and above all SEXY! Tipsy has a few tracks under her belt, a song with Olamide and other tracks too. Haven’t heard her tracks yet? just Google ‘Tipsy’ and Voila!
2. Seyi Shay:
Seyi or Shay! A very wonderful body, well toned and Straight legs with the curves in the needed places, she might not be the ‘Toolz’ of her career, but she is shaming the slim ladies who are just straight outright. Seyi Shay got me on this one.

1. Niyola
You have to perfectly agree with me that the EME first lady has a very banging body. If you dont agree just see the pictures below. She’s Black, beautiful and SEXY!


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