Simi talks about "CHEMISTRY" with falz, greatest fears and upcoming album

Sequel to the earlier released interview of Singer SIMI, where she talked about why she would like to keep her relationship secret, this is a “sneak peek” into the full interview where she speaks about the ‘CHEMISTRY’ EP with Falz and her upcoming album which she says will be dropped soon.

At the point where Simi Mentioned her upcoming EP with Falz titled “CHEMISTRY”, OAP George asked what the chemistry was about, Simi said “When you listen to the song you will understand”. Simi recently shared sizzling romantic pictures of herself and falz during a video shoot which is suspected to be a part of the EP.

OAP Sisi_foluke also asked about when Simi started mixing professionally and her response was “Last year, 2015”. WOW! and she mixed 15 tracks in Adekunle Gold’s Album!!!

Simi also talked about her greatest fears while growing up. Wtach Video Below

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