My boyfriend does not give me money and he’s not romantic. What should I do?

Please I need your help. I am 21 and my boyfriend is 24. I love him so much and would like to end up with him. He knows this and I am trying my best to work things out between us but he sees it as me complaining.

The problem is that he is not romantic, he doesn’t make me happy. As a young girl, I need upkeep but he doesn’t give me money. I don’t complain because he’s still a student. I’m considerate. I don’t ask him for money. Whether or not he has, I never know and he never gives me.

Asides not being romantic, we never talk about anything, like his plans and all that. Our chat is very boring, he is lazy when it comes to typing. He loves me and doesn’t cheat on me, that’s for sure. I have talked to him about all these several times and every time, he promises to change but never does.

I don’t want hurt his feelings, I’m very faithful to him. What do I do? Please i’m confused.


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