Guys warned to stop showing off their girlfriends on social media – see why

I’m sure the ladies will be like “OP is crazy”
“OP is delusional”, yes i agree. But this is my verdict after over 8 failed relationships.

I can easily classify myself as a LIVING LEGEND when it comes to relationship talks.

Let me tell you guys what motivated this post:
I was on instagram and saw a post by @ebonylifetv which reads thus:-
“Promote your girl like a mixtape, let the world know you got that fire”
i wanted to comment but i saw my friend @jidekol had already posted a coment which read:-
“I tried that once, when she left my friends sold the mixtape to me… pretty expensive”

Okay, now you get my point guys!

Our ladies are not contented with what they have, this enables them to be able to change men the same way they make their hair every two weeks. Relationship is good, dont get me wrong but these women are unavoidable hazzards!

There is always someone who is richer, more caring, handsome or even more fun than you.
if you are in a relationship and your lady is loyal, i’m happy for you! When she leaves, it will be a state of the art departure…

So, i advice guys not to show off a lady you have not officially proposed to or “ringed”,its disastrous! 
When you eventually break up, people will start asking you “Iyawo e nko” (Where is your wife). They didnt ask when you were still dating o, its the day you break up they will start asking you everyday!

when you tell them you are no longer together nobody will believe you because you showed her so much love that it will be next to impossible that you will eventually break up. UNBELIEVABLE, right?

Worse still, it makes it extremely difficult for you to find a new girlfriend, every other girl you ask out will be like “What about that girl you’re always posting her picture on facebook”… The moment you say you’ve broken up with her, the new girl automatically believes that you are at fault for the break up and begins to guard her heart from falling for your “sweet words”, She will NEVER believe you’re not at fault. 


Guys, we need to be very careful. Meanwhile, Love your girlfriend, take her out on romantic dates etc but DONT, i repeat DONT post pictures on social media. I’ve warned you! nuff said!!!


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