Mistakes Parents do while bringing up a child

Adolescence is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood, it is a very critical stage in the growth cycle of humans.

It is very important for parents to guard their kids closely and be friends with them as many mistakes are made during this period. Mistakes like unwanted pregnancy, abortion, joining of secret cults, raping someone et cetera.

Below are some of the annoying things Nigerian Parents do to their teenage children that deprive them of the close relationship that’s required at this stage of life.

The first thing you must know about teenagers is this, they are no longer school children. They see themselves as  ‘big boys and big girls…’ and  as ridiculous as that may sound, you should  see them that way too.

When they do something annoying, don’t yell at them or flog or slap them in public, remember, they are no longer little kids… They have a consciousness of who they are.

Don’t call them names, scream at them in public…this could affect their self image especially if you do this in the presence of their peers.

If your child offends you, wait till you get home and tell them their wrongdoing gently…afterwards you may punish them.

Adolescents could be very stubborn at times, yes, they are grown…they want to spread their wings and fly…soar high and have a feel of life.

They would get on your nerves…coming home with tattoos or piercings or cigarettes.

Your constant nagging, shouting, name calling or always talking about yourself when you were their age, telling them how perfect you are wouldn’t help matters.

The only message you should relay is this,  ‘do what you wouldn’t regret in future’..sit them down, chat them up, talk to them like they are matured…still maintain that firmness…don’t lie to them about how perfect you were to your parents…because that’s a big lie.

You monitor their every step, maybe they brought their friends home and you hide and eavesdrop.

Well it isn’t all that bad, but sometimes this could irritate the child…it could make him feel you don’t trust him or her.

Sometimes you have to let them be, give them their personal space…when they need you they’ll come to you…remember, they are transitioning from children to adults….and that alone is a scary reality…these kids are confused.

Give them space, and they would yearn for your presence


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