Should I Allow my Girlfriend Continue seeing her Ex because he’s sponsoring her education?

There’s this girl I met in the university. Before we started dating, I asked her if she had any boyfriend, she told me she and her Ex-boyfriend were no longer together so we started dating.

11 months into our relationship, I found out that the guy she told me was her Ex was still going out with her. She and this guy have dated for 6 years while she and I have been together for 2 years now. This guy in question has been spending on her; he gives her monthly allowance used 4 hair and clothes and even bought her a phone worth 40k.

When I got to know that she was double dating, I called off the relationship. But she begged me seriously not to leave her, that she loved me very much and couldn’t let me go. This same guy is the one seeing her through University. She says her heart is not with the guy, that she’s only with him because of his money.

I am confused right now… Should I leave her for good or I should just accept the fact that I’m sharing her with another guy. I am confused. Please help me.

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