Hot Tea on Babatunde Oyebode suspected owner of NaijaGistLive from Police custody

Exclusive: Suspected owner of Naijagistlive, Babatunde Oyebode confesses, reveals how cash is extorted through blackmail, other means
The Special Fraud Unit (SFU) in Lagos, revealed on Monday that a suspected fraudster, one Babatunde Oyebode (pictured) was arrested for allegedly attempting to blackmail and swindle high profile businessmen and Nigerians. Oyebode’s victims submitted different petitions to the SFU, accusing him of fraudulently running to send threat messages to people, demanding for huge sums of money to pull down negative stories about them or delete comments.
LIB can now exclusively confirm that Babatunde Oyebode has confessed to extortion of cash and other items through blackmail using naijagistlive’s scandalous posts and this is fact!
Oyebode, popularly known as Baudex on social media, in a video confession to the Police stated that he co-owns the website. He runs it with a lady, believed to be based outside Nigeria. Email correspondence between him and his accomplice revealed that he was mainly responsible for upgrades on the site, to prevent it from being shut down by hackers. They conversed with one another about extorting their victims, revealing that Paypal and other means are used to receive whatever amount of cash they demand, ranging from $200, $300, etc. They also had conversations about receiving various payments, which victim had paid or not, and price plans for any removal. Huge sums of money have been paid by Nigerians to take down comments!
A particular conversation was highlighted, in which Oyebode and his accomplice spoke about one of the female victims, describing her in unpleasant terms and agreeing to put up a post about her.
Also, Oyebode’s girlfriend was in contact with his partner in crime through his account on Instagram after his arrest. Investigators initially had access to the account where chats between her and 9jagistlive were found, in which she revealed she just found out he was arrested and wanted to know the next step. Suspecting that something was amiss, the password was quickly changed but the damage had already been done. The police is now out to arrest his girlfriend.

He was arrested while on his way to collect money a third time from the same businessman.

We hear that there’s more…

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