3-Step flat tummy challenge

Whether you want to tone that tummy for swimsuit season or slim down after having a baby, you can make the changes needed to see results. This 3-step flat belly challenge is the right place to start your journey.
Step 1 – Eat Clean.
  • Switch to clean-eating foods. These are foods that are non- or minimally processed, so you benefit from all the nutrition the body needs and wants without added junk that makes the waist thicker.
  • Plan menus. By setting the menu a few days or a week ahead of time you avoid the “ohmigosh, I have no idea what’s for dinner” crisis that often leads to packaged meals or unhealthy takeout.
  • Avoid added sugar & artificially flavoured foods & drinks. Instead, one of the top steps to get a flat belly is to stick to water or naturally flavoured beverages.
Step 2 – Control Portions.
  • Eat from salad plates. Smaller plate sizes help you better control portions so you’re not as likely to overload.
  • Check recipe portion sizes. Always ensure you’re eating appropriate amounts of food. Also measure servings, if necessary.
Step 3 – Exercise Regularly.
  • Commit to an exercise routine. Regular workouts help you lose weight, plus they act like an investment in your long-term physical well-being. Put exercise time on your schedule—and stick to it.
  • Tone the tummy area. Along with cardiovascular exercise to raise the heart rate and metabolism, choose workouts that target the abs as well.

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