Barriers to good communication in your marriage

What is communication? Communication is the exchange of thoughts, feelings or emotions, attitudes, information through word of mouth, gestures and body language between two or more people. Communication is very important in human interaction and relationships from your church to your workplace even the hospital, you need to communicate.
Communication has a lot of benefits to any relationship, it fosters love and unity, however, the absence of it leads to strife which isn’t healthy for your relationship, marriage or friendship.
Considering marriage, we cannot underestimate the importance of communication. When a man and his wife aren’t in good talking terms, things would go wrong. You need to talk to your spouse, find out what is going on in their workplace, the projects they’re about to work on, how to pay the bills e.t.c. Without communication, your marriage would wither and you’ll live in unhappiness.
What are the barriers to a good and effective communication in a marriage?
As earlier said, communication is important, and the purpose of it is to clarify issues you don’t understand, to ask questions on what is bothering you. What bars a good communication is wrong timing which it is being initiated. For example, your husband annoyed you or you heard something from one of your friends concerning his whereabouts. Your husband just returns from work and you begin to lash him with your tongue, this kind of behavior would bar effective communication. Instead of this, you give him time to rest, then tell him about the issues.
It isn’t enough to initiate communication at the right time, but your attitude and manner you go about it matters. One key thing to consider while doing this is patience, you must be willing to listen to the other party, although your spouse may be annoying and may say something contrary to your opinion, shouting or raising your voice so your neighbors can hear you isn’t the best thing.
From raising your voice at your spouse, heated arguments you now do the unthinkable by calling your wife or husband names. This is a very shameful act, you should learn to communicate without insulting each other.
Most women are very good at keeping grudges, maybe your husband offended you in the past and you keep a grudge and start to nag anytime he wrongs you. Or you give him the silent treatment which in itself is very immature and dangerous to your marriage. Open to up to your husband, and men who love to keep secrets, open up to your wife. Open up about your finances, ambitions, anything at all. Don’t block your spouse out of your life.
A rigid husband or wife would always use this words during communication   ‘I can never do this’. The purpose of communicating is to trash things out and reach a perfect conclusion, it demands compromise from both parties. Maybe the conclusion reached doesn’t favor you totally, and you refuse to accept it, it is bad for you and your marriage. You must be flexible, sometimes bend to your wife, don’t take decisions alone, and women also bend to your husband.  Always reach a conclusion, that is favorable for two.

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