Ladies: 5 Things guys look out for when you smile

Guys may be beauty men or legs men, but chances are the very first thing they notice will be your smile. We spoke to a sampling of men we work with or spend our nights drinking with and asked them how they feel, and what they see, when they first notice that smile. Turns out, a lot!
  1. Whether or not you have good oral health
Obviously, we all have flaws here and there, but no one wants to make out with someone who looks like they were just in a bar fight.
“I will notice that her visible teeth aren’t all f*cked up!” — Anonymous
  1. How you laugh
Laughter is everything. You want to have fun together, don’t you?
“I honestly don’t remember what I noticed about her smile, but I love the way she laughs.” — Anonymous
  1. How your eyes light up
“It’s the first thing I notice about a woman and what sparks attraction or at least connection. I notice if it lights up their eyes, and that’s very important because it shows it’s genuine. Having worked in marketing and media for decades I can tell when it isn’t. I also notice whether or not it’s a tight-lipped smile or not. I like people with a big, joyous grin.” — Jim, 40
  1. If you’re lying
“That mouth can do a lot of things it doesn’t really want to, but joy and love for life can be seen in the way her eyes reshape to match her smile. You can fake anything but it’s hard to lie with your eyes.” — Tom, 31
  1. What you really think about him
“When it comes to what a man notices first on a woman, it may not be what you think. Looking into a woman’s eyes for the first time is always telling, but it’s her lips that tell the story. Specifically, how she uses her smile.
If she turns her upper lip to one side she’s feeling flirtatious. If she shows her teeth, lips wide, corners to the sky, she’s excited and open to your presence. What I notice first is how a woman’s lips move just before her first words. Her eyes might be the window to her soul, but her lips and smile tell what she thinks about you.” — Howard, 38

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