Common lies Nigerian women tell when a man approaches them

So we talked about lies men tell a day ago, do women lie? Yes they do! Everybody lies, but we all lie differently. Here are some lies Nigerian women tell:
Yes, this should be the most common lie. Women like to stay young, they don’t wanna talk about their ages. Asking a woman her age, is considered offensive to them, no woman wants to accept the reality of aging, they all wanna look fresh and chic. So next time your girlfriend tells you she is sixteen or whatever number she feels like calling, look at her face closely lest you be deceived!
But hey ladies, this line isn’t always necessary, lying about your age makes it look like you aren’t proud of yourself, and it has elements of inferiority complex!
Guys, you think you’re the only ones that can deceive people abi? Well here’s something that would blow your mind away, this is another famous line used by women who flirt with other men. When your woman constantly hangs around different men and when you question her, she goes like ‘oh! Him? That’s my cousin from my mother’s side’ you see her with a grown man old enough to be her father and he is probably doing some shopping for her and she tells you he is her uncle. Be wise!
Not saying you should begin to snoop around or stalk her or harbor suspicions when you see her with other guys, but don’t always accept hook, line and sinker. If you aren’t comfortable with her having so many  ‘cousins’, you can tell her to introduce them to you, that you want to be their friends, this my friend, is when you’ll know the truth.
This is usually the most ridiculous lie of them all. Ladies do this to other ladies especially when they sample a nice dress or buy a new phone. Another woman would admire their stuff so much and would want to get same for themselves, the next thing she does is to ask for the price, but what do ladies do? They don’t want you to hold the same phone they’re holding or wear their kind of cloth or maybe they want to portray themselves as classy, so they deliberately hike up the prices or lie it was given to them as a gift, to discourage the other woman from getting it for herself.
Well, this is just too bad.
Men lie, women lie, we all lie, but lying isn’t cool, once the truth is discovered, your dignitiy is dented!

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