How to protect yourself from being deceived by the guy or lady you love

Have you been dumped or misled by someone you gave your love to? As Ladies one of our biggest concerns is giving our love to someone who betrays our trust.
It’s probably already happened to you. It happens to most of us over the course of a lifetime.
For some, the lesson is etched in their memory. They never fully trust anyone again, not like they did before. They can’t bear the thought of going through that again.
Whether it was a divorce, a lie, an affair, or a broken promise, the people we love can betray us in a thousand different ways.
How to protect yourself from being deceived
  1. Don’t trust a man more than he respects you. Trust and respect go hand in hand.
Loving someone and trusting that person are two different things. Just ask any parent. You can love your children to the moon and back, but you’re not going to trust them with matches or knives.
Trust needs to be matched to specific situations and a proven track record.
A man who respects you will understand that. He won’t pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. He’ll understand that trust takes time.
Photo credit: lovepanky
Photo credit: lovepanky
In general, the more he respects you, the more you can trust him. The less he respects you, the less trust he deserves.
  1. Don’t give him your trust right away.
Falling in love sweeps you off your feet. When you’re in love, you’re in a different reality. Everything is beautiful; everything is right. Those rose-tinted glasses transform him from just another guy into your beloved, a knight and a hero among men.
Recognize that you are seeing him at his best. You’re in love; that’s how it works! Don’t give him all your trust right away, no matter how passionate you feel. Take it slowly. Wait until your vision has cleared before trusting him with the big things.
You’ll know that you’re seeing him more realistically when you start to see his bad points as well as the good.
  1. When you do trust, accept the risks.
Love is a risky proposition. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the chance of things going horribly wrong.
The moment you love someone else, you open yourself up to being hurt. You can’t know what the outcome will be.
The greatest achievements often require great risks. Failures, wrong turns, and despair litter the road to victory. You can’t escape being hurt if you’re going to open yourself up to love.
What to do
  1. No matter what happens, you can handle it.
  2. Give yourself permission to get hurt. Accept the risks inherent in love. Trust yourself to be strong enough.
  3. Because the trust you place in your own strength has a way of revealing your hidden reserves, your resourcefulness, and the new future that awaits you.
  4. The best way to avoid getting burned is to have knowledge that allows you to predict the future. Knowledge is power precisely because it lets you predict things other people miss.

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