The things happy couples never fight about

When it comes to your relationship, there are some problems that really are worth fighting over. Some of these include lying, cheating, and basic fundamental differences in life goals.
Unfortunately, as you go about your everyday lives as a couple, you will most likely encounter many opportunities for conflict, both big and small.
One big determinate of your happiness in your relationship is the ability to let the small stuff go. Here are 5 things that just aren’t worth arguing about:
  1. Hobbies and spending time apart
It’s easy to feel rejected or jealous when your spouse wants to spend time away from you to pursue their own interests. However, independence is an important part of a healthy relationship.
Couples who have hobbies and interests outside of their relationship are more likely to feel fulfilled and content. They also bring back things to talk about when they return to their partners.
Try not to see his time away as any indication about their feelings towards you. Take that time to develop your own individual interests as well. Like anything, moderation is key.
  1. Your in-laws
Trying to maintain boundaries surrounding the in-laws is a really common hot button with couples.
While they can be maddeningly frustrating, your in-laws aren’t worth driving a wedge into your relationship by fighting about them. This puts your spouse in a very awkward situation they don’t really deserve to be in since they don’t have control over their parents who are grown adults.
Having tension between you and your spouse over in-laws is just not worth it. If you’re struggling with your in-laws, there are steps to cope with difficult in-laws.
  1. Minor parenting issues 
Certain parenting disagreements can often cause problems in your relationship. For example, a Christian may have real problems raising their children with an Atheist or vice versa. Core values merit a discussion, as do safety-related issues.
On the other hand, the majority of couples have different tolerances for certain things when it comes to their children. Perhaps you are more lenient about before-dinner snacks or bedtimes than your partner. Maybe he wants to raise the kids on entirely organic food and you just don’t care or vice versa.
These things really aren’t worth fighting over. Work to find a way to compromise without undermining your partner’s decisions in front of the kids.
  1. Chores and housework
In an ideal world, everyone’s house would look like it came straight from the pages of Decor & Style magazine. However, actually getting there is not exactly convenient or easy.
Although everybody should do their fair share of work around the house, fighting over this issue can make both of you feel seriously unappreciated and misunderstood.
  1. TV and movie viewing preferences 
Clearly, this falls under the “small stuff” category. If you’re hoarding the remote, give it up. If you’re always picking the movie or allowing someone else to, relinquish control.

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