NIGERIAN DESIGNERS: 8 fashion brands to look forward to in 2017 (womenswear)

Some Nigeria based fashion brands are putting in work towards 2017 and it’s exciting to think of what they getting up to already!
Amarelis S/S 2017 ‘Talia’s Tale’ Capsule collection
Some Nigeria based fashion brands are putting in work towards 2017 and it’s exciting to think of what they getting up to already!
Keem Harun Spring/Summer 2017 ‘Feminist Fatale’ Collection « less
Few of these brands kicked off major works towards the end of 2016 with some launching stunning campaigns/edit with impressive (enough) pieces giving a peek into what could be in the offing -but certainly improving with each creation showing there’s a whole lot more where the last came from!
1. Aisha Abu-Bakr
With Aisha Abu-Bakr, there’s definitely something brewing apart from tapping 4 style editors across top online media for (yet to be released) edit towards the end of 2016, the Abuja based fashion brand seem up to something.
Aisha Abu-Bakr Luxury Design ‘Rouge to you’ Collection « less
Known to have her pieces on top celebrities from around the world, the brand is building an image that has elegant simplicity all over it. Aisha Abubakar is definitely on the radar as a brand to look out for in 2017.
2. Style Temple
Style Temple launched to rave reviews late 2016 when it fully ‘roused’ the Nigerian fashion industry (I know I’ve been on about Style Temple but there’s something about that brand, I’m not wrong about) making a grand entrance with creative offerings that already walked the 2016 Lagos Fashion & Design Week and a display at the GTBank Fashion weekend.
With stylish celebrities including Ifeoma WilliamsToke Makinwa and more already spotted in the brand’s creation, Style Temple looks ready to take over 2017 and seriously can’t wait.
3. Keem Harun
Keem Harun is combining female empowerment and timeless style as the womenswear brand makes her way (repositions herself) into the Nigerian fashion industry in 2017.
Known to cater to the confident stylish woman, Keem Harun is poised to make a grand entrance and judging from the ‘Feminist Fatale’ Collection, the brand is one to look out for this year.
4. Frankie & Co
Frankie & Co isn’t taking a backseat!
The Grey Velvet owned brand released a collection and another collaborating with fashion enthusiast; Ozinna Anumudu late last year and from the looks of the ‘switch up’, the womenswear brand is coming into 2017 with even more creative offerings.
5. Fablane by Derin
Fablane by Derin had an amazing outing in 2016 and for 2017, the brand is one to look out for.
Inidima Okojie in Fablane by Derin  (Instagram)
From her creations that quickly became inspiration for few upcoming brands,Fablane By Derin has in a short time created a signature look that works for her muses.
We can’t wait with what the fast rising womenswear brand has up her sleeves for 2017.
6. Maju
Maju is a favourite and an exciting brand (trendy and pocket friendly ) and with a great 2016, 2017 looks even more exciting for the brand.
Offering an array of trendy items, they have become the ultimate shopping destination for style lovers.
7. TokaToka
TokaToka debuts ‘Fure’ Collection
TokaToka launched with chic offerings late 2016 and already courted by stylish celebrities including Dolapo OniLami PhillipsMakida Moka and more, there’s no denying every style enthusiast is looking out for the brand this year.
8. Amarelis (Atelier)
Amarelis made runway debut in 2016 at two fashion weeks and they are definitely up to something.
Amarelis S/S 2017 ‘Talia’s Tale’ Capsule collection « less
With the last collection for the year ‘Talia’s Tale‘ getting every style lover excited about what’s in the offing for the new year, eyes are on Amarelis for a exciting 2017!
9. Sisi Foluke styles:

The mental capability behind this ancient attire made with African fabric defines the creativity of Sisi Foluke. 
It plunges into the tale of the first woman, her sassy attitude and uptight personality…It complements nature and reveals every woman’s beauty in their true state as the lace reveals.
Stitched to every strand of beauty… it reveals the boldness of the African woman to flaunt her skin.
The flower design brings out the originality in its true state.
The Eden dress is made for the African woman… to show her strength and embrace her weaknesses.
It is an attire for classy events with strands of happiness….it’s Eden…
Sisi Foluke should be a force to be reckoned with in 2017

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