How to establish a good relationship with your in-laws

Having a good relationship with someone isn’t that easy, with in-laws especially bad ones it gets more difficult.
We have this conception about in-laws especially mother in-laws: they are bad, wicked, intrusive and super nosy. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but you would be marrying their son or daughter so you’ll have no other option than to have a good relationship with them, at worst, a cordial relationship.
However, it must be noted that they’re some in laws that would never like you no matter how hard you try to get accepted into the family, and this is okay, there’s nothing you can do to change the situation, but it isn’t a crime to try.
Here’s how to have a good relationship with your in-laws:
Many people make this mistake especially women, once a man proposes and decided to take them home, they switch their character and try to act a script that wasn’t meant for them. You should never pretend to be someone you are not, always be yourself no matter what. From the first day your man introduces you to the family, be yourself, if you pretend to be nice, pretend to be submissive, pretend to be quiet on the first day, that’s the way they’ll expect you to be till the days of your life and trouble usually comes calling, when they discover that you had tricked them into believing you were a certain way. So always be yourself. If you are submissive from day one, be submissive till the rest of your days. Don’t be afraid of anyone, show them your true colors, this would equally make them prepared to accept you the way you are or make adjustments.
When you take good care of your husband or wife, your in-laws would naturally have affection for you. Don’t treat your husband or wife wrongly and expect to be friends with your mother in law or other members of his or her family. When you are nice, they’ll love you and would always come calling if you have any problems.
Don’t have future plans of closing your doors so your in-laws wouldn’t come visiting or asking for assistance from your husband or wife. Be accommodating and loving, if the assistance they ask for would affect your husband’s ability to cater for you and your kids then you can advise him to offer them the little he can and they could find more from somewhere else (this is wisdom).
Being nice to your in-laws doesn’t mean you should become a doormat, be smart and loving and before anything else, marry a man who would never put your in-laws above you.

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