Questions you should ask yourself and your partner before going into a relationship this year

First of all, happy new year everyone, welcome to 2017. Was your heart broken in the previous year? Or you just dumped your partner and you’re in the market for a new relationship?
Here are some questions you must ask yourself before starting a new relationship:
Breakups always hurt whether you were the victim or you were the one that called it quits, it hurts nevertheless. You must ask yourself if you have recovered, are you totally over the other person? Or you just want to date because people around you are dating or you just need a partner who would buy you chocolates on Vals night? You must ask yourself this question and answer it.
Make sure you’re healed and emotionally ready for another relationship else you’ll end up just where you started.
Why do you want to be in this relationship? You must have a reason, a tangible one for that matter. Whatever your reasons are, you must make this known to your partner. If you don’t have any tangible reason, it’s better you stay single. Being single isn’t as bad and lonely as people paint it to be. It could be very fun if you are determined to be happy.
You and your partner have to set goals for yourself, what do you expect from each other. Most break ups happen because there aren’t relationship goals on ground. You guys just fall in love with each other, sleep together and bam! It’s over. That doesn’t make sense, it’s more like a fling but longer.
Are you dating to get married? Are you dating for friendship? Are you dating so you gain some experience?
Ask yourself these questions first before getting into a relationship.

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