2 fast ways to get rid of sore throat

Sore throat is painful though sometimes usually not a cause for alarm but it can be VERY uncomfortable.

Sore throat manifests in form of irritation, itchiness or serious pain (making swallowing extremely painful and uncomfortable) in the throat. The pain gets worse with every attempt at swallowing; even saliva!
Usually caused by pollution (including dry air and cold), allergies and more sore throat isn’t always a serious health scare unless they are severe or the tonsils get swollen and they block the throat (in this case get medical help fast!
For common sore throat however, these ways work to get rid of it fast:
1. Salt Water
Gargling with salt water is one of the commonest ways to ease sore throat. Warm water and salt solution helps to sooth the sore area as well as help reduce swelling making healing fast.
Sore Throatplay

Sore throat can et extremely uncomfortable

 (Home Remedies)

It’s also a good way to kill bacteria in the throat while keeping the area refreshed with moisture. Add salt to a glass of warm water and gently swish around the mouth relaxing it enough to get to the throat area.(Baking soda also comes in handy to replace salt
2. Honey
Honey has healing properties as well as filled with antioxidants. Honey is great to ‘heal wounds’ and works effectively to speed up healing sore throat. It can be used combined with other foods or taken as it is.
As with every other health issues if symptoms persist, see a physician.

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