The Government, Banks and Media will not employ you if MMM crashes – participant

An MMM participant has reached out to fellow members of the scheme, in an open letter he shared on Facebook.
Read below:

“The media won’t employ you if you join to kill MMM. The bank will also not, and the government as well. If they employ you, they will make you a servant of money. You will be enslaved once again. 
“MMM has been working to liberate those in it from financial slavery. We all survived last year’s recession because of MMM. When the government made things difficult for us. 
“The bank didn’t help you to survive. There was never increase to your deposit, same as the media who laid off staff and also banks that sacked without reason. The Bank will rather extort money from you with charges that you can not refuse to pay… 
“My fellow mavrodian, see how unjust the world is! We are been cruel and impatient with MMM. For the upgrade they want to effect for a better system in 2017. 
“Go back home and look through your bank statements. All the deposit received last year in your account…Am sure if you have been in MMM for while, you will understand that MMM deposit has 90% of it… Let’s be wise friends and beloved.
“Since 1999 we have been hearing promises on good governance in the middle of the atlantic ocean never come nearer to you because you can’t swim the ocean…Government keep playing our intelligent in the name of democracy. Now you have a platform to give you a lift to better life…You want to kill it with your own hand….People be calm…Like as I said everyone will be settled completely…
“MMM is real.. MMM will still pay us in 2017. Encourage those you know to pay their order.
“Me & You are the real MMM….”

 Source: facebook


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