5 signs you are trying too hard in your relationship

When we walk into a new relationship, we all want to make things work. Which is why we put in extra efforts and it’s totally understandable. But when you find yourself constantly trying as time goes on, then there’s something wrong.
Nobody is sitting here telling you that you should give up on somebody. However, if you’ve noticed that you are trying extra hard and receiving close to NOTHING in return except for a broken heart and a crushed ego, then it’s not worth it.
So if you’re wondering “is he taking advantage of me,” here are 5 tell-tale signs that you’re trying too hard in your relationship:
  1. You’re ALWAYS the one to make plans.   If you’re constantly the one to hit them up and initiate seeing each other, stop. The drill for this is to stop, sit back and do NOTHING.
  2. If he/she doesn’t seem to initiate any plans or text you first after, I’m going to take it upon myself to assume one of two things. Either the whole relationship was in your head and they’re actually just your friend, or they treat you like absolute shit.
    1. You are CONSTANTLY making excuses for them.
    So, you’re telling me that the person you’re with is perfect and ALWAYS needs to be defended? If you were confident in the relationship you were in, you’d have no problem communicating with them and/or venting about them.
    The more you defend them, the more we are all twitching around you waiting for you to see reality for what it is, TRUST me.
    1. You compromise on the things you really want.
    Basically, it’s all about them. Even your ‘wants’ aren’t your own. They’re manipulated and molded to fit the wants of your (obviously) controlling, narcissistic partner.
    For instance, if you used to love binge watching The Bachelor and stopped because you know your SO hates it, that’s an issue. That’s a MAJOR issue, actually.
    1. You’re afraid of confrontation.
    You are a STRONG diva of a person, no matter who you are or where you came from. You need to love yourself and be confident enough to fight with your partner and stand up for what you believe in.
    If you are afraid to do this, your relationship has some serious things you both need to work on. FYI, the more you try to appease them by dodging confrontation, the angrier (or more resentful) you both are getting.
    1. You find yourself waiting around for them.
    Whether you physically wait for them to come back from wherever the went, or you are constantly suppressing your emotions (that are eating away at you, by the way) in hopes that they will become different somehow in the morning, what you’re doing isn’t working.
    You really are worth it, and you deserve the same respect from your S.O. in return. So keep that in mind.

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