Open Letter to the Press and Nigerian Police – stop creating panic

Whoever believes this hoax is a crab! I can’t believe Punch will write this kind of unbalanced and un-investigated story for Nigeria, being the most widely read Newspapers/website. Let me tell you something…
There are only two things we know from this report.
1. That the woman invested 400k in MMM.
2. That the woman Died.
I said the Woman ‘died’ because how can we be so sure she killed herself, where is the autopsy report stating the cause of death? Are there any witnesses or near-witnesses that saw the woman going towards the stream/river?…
It could be a set up – a well organized murder case where someone called her to come… Wait, how many people did the press speak to? Only the husband? I smell foul play, what if the husband wanted to get rid of her – I’m not saying he did, I’m just calling for an investigation into the family life of the woman, INVESTIGATE and don’t just give us watered down reports because you want to sell your paper or because you want people to visit your blog! It is bad!!!
There are a lot of other things that could have happened but let me just go to the next point, the assumed cause of death.
Let’s now assume that she committed suicide as the reports state in the above picture… As at the time she left the house and when the body was found MMM was only on ‘leave’ and suspended payment and by the way, talks of a possible crash in the scheme only started heating up after the re-opening of operations and people didn’t get paid…
Why pin the cause of suicide on MMM, the woman could have been depressed, she could have been facing a lot of marital problems. I’m saying, NO INVESTIGATION WAS DONE!  They just concluded like that, the same way the police will conclude that any young boy using an iPhone 7 is a yahoo boy!
With all due respect to the grieving family and with remorse, I think pinning the cause of death on MMM without proper investigation is far fetched. The height of mediocrity in journalism and policing in Nigeria.

Whatever happened to autopsy, whatever happened to detectives, whatever happened to investigative journalism?

Oh, so because when MMM crashed in Russia people committed suicide, so you think it’s safe to pin this on MMM? You guys are lazy!

Because you want to sell your papers or you want more pageviews on your blog you are creating panic amongst over 3million Nigerians, where is the humanity in that?

You’re indirectly telling them ‘suicide is allowed’, you’re telling us that is an option. You know perfectly well that MMM has not crashed!

Written by Adebusoye Ademola,
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