Reasonable Doubt: Death by the River (Episode 1) First installment.

Death By The River

Titi, a young and beautiful mother of two boys (Tobi, 12 and Ade, 9) is married to Dapo an abusive husband who beats her at every slight provocation. They live in a three bedroom apartment in the middle of town. Dapo works as a civil engineer and consults for big construction companies.

Titi, on the other hand, quit her job as a marketing executive immediately she had her first son, Tobi (12) after agreeing with her husband’s plan of setting up a business for her once Tobi clocks 15 years. Dapo believes this will enable her take good care of the children. Despite Dapo’s abusive behavior, he always provides whatever was needed at home.
* * *


Sounds of heavy footsteps and slaps can be heard as Titi cries while being pummeled by Dapo. Cars drive past and passers-by stop for moments trying to decide if to take action or just continue on their way; all but one short pretty passer-by decide to continue on their way. The pretty lady brings out her phone and dials a number, tone of the keypad indicates she just dialed the police emergency line.

Hello, there is a man beating up his wife, he might just kill her.

Can you tell us what you think the wife did and the current situation of things there?

Angered by the question being asked by the operator
How do you expect me to know, I’m just a passer-by and I overheard the sobs of the woman being seriously beaten by her husband, you ought to ask the address of the incident and you’re there…

Cuts in
…Doing my job. We cannot just send officers over there without knowing the situation of things. Besides, these might just turn out to be another family affair which isn’t the business of the police…

Looks at her phone with amazement and hangs up, shaking her head and heading towards the front door of the Samsons whispering to herself.
So much for “The police is your friend”.
Getting to the front door, she pauses for a while to observe. She can see Dapo’s shadow dragging Titi into the light and setting her on a chair, he slaps her face and walks out into another room while Titi holds her face in her hands.
There is silence for a while, the passer-by retreats and heaves a sigh of relief while heading off into the darkness.


The room is dimly lit with a small lamp sitting alone at a far corner of the room.
Dapo tries to touch Titi in a sexually suggestive manner but Titi slaps his hand away, he tries to cuddle her from behind but she wriggles free of him again.

Looking angry already
These are the things you do that gets me angry. You are my wife, you owe me an obligation to satisfy me or is it because I beat you this evening? See, a Yoruba adage says “Ti a ba fi owo otun ba omo wi, a maa fi t’osi faa mo’ra” (if you beat a child with the right hand, you will use the left hand to draw the child closer)

Titi doesn’t even flinch, she rather adjusts her blanket and closes her eyes.

DAPO (cont’d)
Oh, you want to wait until I beat you again abi? If your name is Titi push me away again when I touch you, I will send you to your mothers house this night.

Titi reluctantly turns over as she is being pulled by her husband. Dapo starts to undress her then undress himself. Throwing every piece of clothing he removes on the floor. He begins to thrust, first slowly then faster as he approaches climax. Titi just lays there with her hands beside her and tears in her eyes, she absentmindedly turns her face sideways as Dapo reaches climax and slides to the other side. Facing up, Dapo looks sideways at his wife and sees tears rolling down her face.

Why are you crying now? You will be fine by morning I know.
He turns his back on her.

I want moi moi (bean cake) for breakfast, you can make ogi (pap) with it. Goodnight dear, get some sleep.

He closes his eyes as he hears Titi’s sobs increase.

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