#Relationships: How Soon after Introduction Should the Wedding be?

Hi guys,

We face a lot of challenges daily – Traffic (if you live in Lagos you will understand this), finance (especially in the middle of the month towards the end if you’re a salary earner), what to eat (bachelors will understand this better), what to wear (‘m sure as a lady you will find Lydia’s Chronicle helpful) – I mean, as humans we face a lot of challenges which in itself can distabilize your day, week or even month.

Relationships come with more challenges than life itself (my opinion), some of these challenges are what lead to breakups and all the other ‘scoochy’ things that come with it.

Image Credit: Fabweb

Recently, on the 25th of March, a friend of mine had his introduction. Let me explain, you know after the normal proposal when the guy asks the lady the question ‘most’ ladies want to be asked after seeing a guy for ‘donkey-days’ (i said ‘most’ because some ladies are just passing time with you), then comes the day when you meet the family of the lady you proposed to… Sometimes, you might have met all the family members you need to meet, difference is, on this ‘Introduction’ day you will go with your family and all those people you’ve met before will act like they don’t know you, they now ask you questions like ‘what do you want?’ That shii can be so annoying, but its tradition, init?

Myself and some other friends attended the introduction o and it was funny…

Some days later, my friend calls to tell me their parents want the wedding to be done in November, NOVEMBER!!! I was like ‘bros, we’re still in March o’… My people, I feel 8 months before the wedding is too long after your introduction… My friend is also not happy about this decision, he wants it in June…

Do you share my thoughts? What do you think?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box.

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