Hi loves, how is your week going?

Mine is going pretty fast,  I can’t believe it’s still Monday after spending like three more days since Monday started.

I mean its still 10am on Monday, since the day started. At this time last week Monday it was already Friday, but who am I to complain?. (Edit)


Happy Good Friday!!! Really, in my head today is Friday, Monday has stayed too long, we can as well skip Tuesday – Thursday right? I love my Fry-days – days when I get fries for breakfast or dinner, hopefully today will be one of those days. Who am I decieving? nobody will make fries for me, I’m a bloody bachelor! I’ll just get home, take a shower and hug my pillow and wait for another Friday to be upon me… So sorry Lydia, I had to edit your words, you talked about Valentines day being like every other day for you, saying since Valentines day is for celebrating love you believe everyday should be valentines day because love should be shared daily. I totally agree with you, totally!!!

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Denim jacket, bloggers coat

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Talking about LOVE, I love me this denim bundle of joy I recently thrifted.
I’ve always wanted similar coats or jackets in black, grey and beige because they look so cute and would be very useful. I guess it’s a fashion bloggers thing though, bloggers can you relate…




You can’t imagine the joy I felt when I came across this denim jacket.  It’s quite longer than normal denim jackets I see around and looks pretty similar to the jackets/coats I was talking about. I didn’t think twice before purchasing this one, and I have no regrets whatsoever buying this jacket.


What I’m Wearing
Denim jacket – Thrift
Dress – Random Buy
Bag – Preowned
Shoes – Preowned



A very simple way to style up loose-fitted jackets like this is pair it up with a bodycon dress to create a balance.

Although I paired with a pair of nude heels to bring out a very simple but chic look, deep within my heart I know that if I had a pair of white kicks I probably would have preferred to pair it with that for comfort.


There are several ways to style up this denim jacket and this is one,  I’d likely be showing you other ways this type of jackets can be styled later on the blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have something similar to this jacket? If you had a denim jacket like this how would you rather style yours? Do leave me a reply in the comment section.

Hey I really appreciate your time, but don’t just scroll off without leaving a comment, it’s like a cherry on the sundae you know! I would really love to hear from you. 
With love, Lydia.

Source: Lydia’s Chronicle
EDITED BY: Adebusoye Ademola.

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