Another festive season is here again and lots of styles will be flying around. This is one opportunity corporate workers get to rock their various styles. Lets see how best you can rock any of these styles this Easter season.
Below are 20 creative styles you can make with your African prints (Ankara) materials. Tell us your favourite…
1. The Cape

 2. The Two-Piece

3. The Playsuit.

4. The Jumpsuit

5. The SkirtSuit

6. Flared Pants

7. The Trouser Suit

8. The Full Skirt

9. The Maxi Dress

10. The Kimono

11. The Crop Top

12. The Peplum Top

13. The Straight Skirt

14. The Mixed Print Dress

15. The High Slit.

16. The Shorts Suit

ankara prints

17. The Wrap Dress

18. The Shift Dress

19. The Off Shoulder Dress

20. Playful Shorts



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