Nigerian comedian, director, producer, actor, and writer, Abovi Ugboma, popularly known as Bovi has given disapproval over insensitive jokes as he believes there should be a balance in order not to hurt the feelings of the subject.

Speaking in an interview with Hip TV News, the comedian says he believes there should be a restriction on the use of overly insulting contents.

Source: thenetng

“Telling jokes is a skill that every comedian should acquire because sometimes you can unknowingly hit below the belt.

“I don’t really subscribe to hitting below the belt, I subscribe to balancing it.

“So you poke fun, but then balance it. You make them feel good and feel bad at the same time and then they leave eventually feeling good ultimately.

“So yeah I think they are no go areas sometimes because if a joke doesn’t land well, it looks like an insult or will sound like an insult,” said Bovi.

This follows after a recent bashing of jokester and actor, AY Makun who made fun of the Tboss-Kemen sexual harassment issue which came to light during running of the 2017 Big Brother Naija reality television show at his annual AY Live comedy show.

Bovi, however, has received slight criticism for his comments as some fans think he made them as a sign of support for Basketmouth who is currently at loggerheads with AY Makun.

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