Everyone wants to be rich but we all pay little or no attention to things that can make us rich. We have put together a list of financial tips to help you block some loopholes that make you loose funds and sometimes loose track of how much you have spent.

This will help you more if you don’t own your own business.


1. Making a financial comparison between yourself and someone else just isn’t realistic, so don’t waste your time or energy doing it.

cetvng finance

2. Keep a file or envelope for important receipts. Put it in an accessible spot, and when you pay your car registration, a medical bill or a give a charitable gift, put the receipt in the envelope for safe keeping.

3. Choose to reward yourself for accomplishments in ways that are fulfilling and affordable.

4. Plan meals ahead with a weekly system. Add “take out” to the meal plan on certain days when you know you won’t want to cook.

5. Own up to the fact that you don’t like to eat last night’s dinner for lunch the next day. Make smaller portions instead.

6. You can take a charitable deduction on your taxes if you give to a qualified organisation, itemise your taxes, and have a receipt.

7. Set aside funds for a “spending account” and link a debit card to itThese funds can be designated for your retail therapy, or whatever you’d like to spend them on.  Once the money is spent, save up for your next therapy session!

8. Review your financial statements for recurring expenses. Ask yourself if you use the services you are paying for. If not, drop them. When you see an item you don’t recognise, dispute it.


Compiled by: Adebusoye Ademola


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